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Thank You Brendan and Evolution Institution!

In a very thorough and scrutinizing effort to find the optimal resource to help me “get back out there” after my divorce, I sought a dating coach who could get the job done.

In Brendan I have found everything I hold my standards to and more: Thorough attention to detail; Guidance and coaching of a wingman who is also the support beneath my wings; An upbeat and ever-positive attitude to keep me confident and proactive on this path; A true well-wisher, not afraid to tell me what I need to hear if it will make me a better catch; A gentle nudge to keep my momentum going on this sometimes unpredictable road; And somebody who is not just invested in me but self-motivated, honest and dedicated enough to be vested in making my story a success.

Brendan and I are still traveling my road together, stopping at important intersections, discussing directions for optimal future potential, really working as a team where he is a minute-to-minute constant in my high-priority partner search.

I couldn’t imagine this journey without Brendan and Evolution Institution! I know one day soon I’ll look back at this juncture in my life and thank my lucky stars for this life-changing junction called Brendan!!!

Thank You Brendan and Evolution Institution!

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