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Can’t recommend Brendan’s coaching services enough

I have worked with Brendan as my sex coach on and off for over 18 months and the thing I have noticed most is the degree of progress I have made with the issues I was dealing with (anxiety, communication and understanding how to manage my feelings of anger and irritation). I have heard so many people say that this level of coaching seems too expensive but I always say that the amount of experience Brendan has, the sheer range of professional tools and understanding he has as well as his willingness to challenge and really support you through the often difficult process of coaching has made a big difference to me and my life much more quickly than I see in friends and colleagues who are trying similar, perhaps cheaper, options. Not that speed is always the goal, but I think it is vital to see the real difference that Brendan’s level of experience brings to the therapeutic process and that an hour of time seems to me to be often twice as valuable as someone with less breath of knowledge and skills.

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