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It is hard to believe

It is hard to believe how my life was before I came to see Brendan. I feel like I’m totally in control over my life now.
I went on a serious Keto diet and lost 13kgs. I am currently eating healthy and haven’t had alcohol for a month. Sleeping well and feeling energised every day.
Choosing to be happy has become easier for me after my coaching sessions with Brendan; he helped me gain a positive perspective on life in general. And I’m grateful for him showing me other ways of healing myself. I know now to surround myself with the right people.
I have been chosen as a “Culture Champion” at work. My job is to run workshops using mindfulness techniques to bring positive energy in being aligned with the company values. I love it as it enables me to help someone be happy. I’m the Brendan in my company.
My crew members are listening to me now and my ship is back on course.
Thank you for everything and for keeping in touch.

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