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I wouldn’t recommend!

I’m a 23 year old trans man and I reached out to Brendan for sex coaching because I don’t have a lot of irl experience. Right away he started trying to pressure me to have an over the phone consultation with him. I was like “What?! We can just do it by email, or by texting. Afterward he made the excuse that he’s dyslexic. I can really tell. For a dyslexic he likes to write essays it seems.

We continued to have some back and forward exchange and eventually he tried to joke and say.
“Sometimes in life you’ve just got to be a man and pick up the god damn phone! lol ;P”
Really bad joke. It’s not about “being a man and picking up the phone”, yikes!

Next, he asked me: “Where is the anxiety coming from when it comes to talking to someone over the phone? I’m not trying to be insensitive or anything I just really don’t get it.”

He clearly thinks he’s some high and mighty wise man, that can cure people’s mental illnesses by trying to rationalise them and saying that they don’t exist.

I bet he would have also told me to just “be happy” because I’m depressed. People should stop trying to “convince” me that I should speak to them on the phone, bc it ain’t happening!


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