Sexual Polarity


Written by Brendan Hadley
Published 26th September 2021

Sexual polarity, an almost irresistible attraction between two people. The feminine is flowing, vulnerability, opening to love, and the masculine is stillness and structure. The feminine is being, and the masculine is doing.

Sexual polarity

If two people have a similar sexual polarity, that is, both are more “masculine” or more “feminine,” then the attraction between them will be diminished. But if there is a strong difference, where one is extremely “feminine” and the other partner is “masculine,” then the physical attraction will be maximized.

Like batteries and magnets. Strong polarity is extremely orgasmic of itself. Very little has to be done besides stay with the feeling of the magnetism between you.

These energies are within all of us and are not gender specific. We should develop both aspects to be integrated mature humans. To find out which is your dominant energy, ask yourself which is more important to you – fulfilling your mission in life, or, creating and sustaining loving relationships in your life. If fulfilling your mission is more important then you have a masculine essence, and if creating relationships of love is your priority, then you have a feminine essence. If both are equally important, then you have balanced masculine and feminine energies within you. Still, for the purpose of having incredible sex, emphasising one or the other will create a lot of arousal and attraction between you and your partner, even if you are in a same sex relationship. When it comes to making love, would you rather be active and penetrate energetically, (masculine energy) or would you rather be more passive, receptive, and receive your lover (feminine energy)? Even within the one love making session we can play with the different roles and the energies of the masculine and the feminine. 

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