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Evolution Institution offers you an excellent opportunity to join our up and coming elite league of certified Coaches, we aim to become the next global leader in certified coaching.

Our coaching courses leading to Internationally recognised certification offers you a unique opportunity to get paid by making a real difference to people’s lives. Learn how to do Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Sex Coaching, Business Coaching and more, discover the kinds of services you’ll be able to provide, the necessary skills that are required to join our new elite league of certified coaches, and the many benefits that come from choosing to become a certified coach through us.

Our certified coaching courses are by far one of the best “value-for-money” online coaching courses around.

Our marketing training provides sound strategies designed to empower you to make smart decisions about how to target the right content, attract the right clients and present the right offers.

And last, but not least, we consider our COACHES a benefit! This is a highly driven, enthusiastic group of individuals who believe in the values that Evolution Institution stands by, and the genuine warmth and friendliness of our coaches and employees is evident throughout our organization.

4 Pillars of Evolution Institution Life Coaching Methodology


Moves your client towards their desired future outcomes, instead of concentrating on past experiences or reasons for present dissatisfaction.


Emphasizes the holistic nature of your client, seeing how positive change can fit into their bigger picture.


Allows you to trust your client’s inner resources and skills, respecting their agenda and future outcomes.


Pursues transformational change in specific, inspired steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, behaviour and habit formation.

What Coaching is Not?

  • Counselling

Unlike therapists and counsellors, coaches don’t focus on the childhood or past experiences that might be the root of the way a person lives or feels. Instead they help their clients get clear on what they want in the future, why they want it, and how they are going to achieve it.

  • Consulting

Consultants diagnose the needs of an organization or individual and offer their own solutions based on their specialized expertise to ‘fix’ the problem; solutions which they often implement for the client as well. Coaches use tools and processes to help clients to generate their own solutions and then hold them accountable for following through.

  • Sports Coach

Someone new to coaching might hear the word “coach” and think sports, but sports coaches generally are in charge, setting the goals and the path to victory. Teaching, correcting, and managing are all skills a sports coach would use. Professional life, business or executive coaching is the opposite; it’s the client who sets the goals.

Who Should Be A Coach?

The first sign that you should become a life coach is when you truly have a passion for self development.

The greatest life coaches have an amazing amount of passion for developing themselves as individuals, and they want to use an transfer this passion over to others.

Anybody who you consult with is easily able to see this raw passion that you have, which makes it incredibly convincing for them to choose you as their life coach because they know just how devoted you are to self development.

Just like having a passion for self development; if you combine that passion with one to help and inspire people. After all, what is the purpose of a Life Coach?

To do exactly that. To help and inspire people. So if you’re a person who isn’t too bothered about going the extra mile to help change someone’s life, perhaps this isn’t the career for you.

It’s a big help in coaching if when a client presents one of their personal struggles to you, that you can relate to it from your past. Maybe you had this exact struggle at some point in your life, and at the time you really felt like you couldn’t get through it.

This relation between you and your client only strengthens the amount of help you’re able to give, and the bond that you have with your client. They’re unlikely to search anywhere else for coaching if you can relate with them in one aspect or another.

The passion for self development, experience clients can relate to and so on is great. However the icing on the cake is being a motivated individual. That motivation gives you the push to go out, do whatever you want and get whatever you want.

Are you a motivated individual?

There’s nothing people like more than getting help from motivated individuals that won’t stop until they get what they want, and essentially until their clients get what they want. People want to side with motivated individuals who will propel them to the top.

It’s not exactly the best reason to become a life coach. In fact, it’s the worst reason to become a life coach. But it’s still a reason and definitely something to take into account before deciding you want to become one.

Self employment means that a steady income isn’t exactly guaranteed, and it may take a while before you’re up and running.

Although, you’ll be working your own hours, have the opportunity to work wherever you want and the possibility of eventually earning a lot more than the average person in standard employment.

Excellent people skills are essential for our Coaches as you’ll be having deep one-on-one conversations with others. So it requires you to be able to talk to other people confidently and listen very intensively to what they’re saying.

If you fail to listen and can’t speak fluently in conversation, then the level of help you can actually give to someone won’t be very efficient.

It takes a great deal of patience to listen to multiple people’s struggles and issues on a daily basis. Not everyone that comes to you looking for coaching will be happy to begin with. That’s why most of them will seek out a life coach in the first place.

Which is why you need to be incredibly patient, in order to continuously listen to people’s problems and not get put off by the pressure and negativity that may be present.

It’s great having an Official Coaching Qualification and the passion to help others reach their full potential within their lives, but sometimes having a little experience can help greatly.

It affects the way you understand things and the advice that you can give to other people.

You might have experience in going from a career you hate, to one you’re really passionate about, or from having no motivation in life to finally becoming inspired to make something of yourself.

All this experience helps when giving your guidance in life coaching sessions!

Your New Skills

These skills are the cornerstones you need to start coaching people to reach their full potential:

Creating Trust With Others

Coaching provides a safe and supportive environment that produces on-going mutual respect and trust. As a coach, you will learn how to quickly build rapport with your clients using simple yet powerful tools such as backtracking. Backtracking allows you to clarify your understanding of new information, while offering the client greater awareness of their thoughts.

Going Beyond Just Hearing

Coaching goes way beyond just hearing what people are saying; it stretches into syntax, tone of voice, and body language. As a coach, you will learn how to view the world through your client’s perspective, to understand the meaning of what they say in the context of their values and goals. Active listening is an incredibly important step towards better communication skills.

Really Powerful Questioning

Coaching is only about moving forward, not looking backward. As a coach, you will use open-ended questions every day to evoke discovery, insight, commitment and action that moves your clients forward. Open-ended questioning is a simple concept that shifts your conversations from plain and boring to expansive and thought provoking.

Bulletproof Goal Setting

Coaching opens the door to a new, extremely powerful kind of goal setting. As a coach, you will become outcome orientated, always evaluating if your client is on track and taking action to reach their goal. Coaches use S.M.A.R.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, relevant and timely) goal setting to ensure total understanding and accountability.

Designing Positive Actions

Coaching systemically explores specific concerns and opportunities that are central to the client’s agreed goals. As a coach, you will help clients prioritize issues and guide them through difficult decisions. Remember, coaching does NOT mean giving advice. Real coaches empower their clients to identify positive action on their own. Mastery of designing actions opens a whole new dimension in the way you create long-term success.

Assuring Accountability

Coaching instils long-term positive change. As a coach, you will use precise time management tools to promote your client’s self-discipline and hold them accountable for the results of intended actions. Changing attitudes and behaviour to reach agreed goals is significantly easier when accountability is present.

Your Journey

We're here to help you reach your goal of coaching people to reach their full potential!


We expand our minds to reach the peak of our careers. Before diving into coach training, ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you want higher self-esteem and higher income? What does your future look like once you’ve reached the peak of your career? What inner fears do you need to overcome to reach total job satisfaction? The clearer you are on what you want, the more that coach training can help you achieve it.


We do enrolment a bit differently here. All our enrolment advisors are professional coaches. They’ve been in your shoes. They will ask you powerful questions to help you uncover how coach training will help you reach the peak of your career, and achieve higher self-esteem and job satisfaction.


To provide you with the most flexibility possible, Brendan has designed a number of modular courses that can be taken online. In all our Coaching Courses, you’ll learn the fundamental tools, skills and approaches that empower you to deliver excellent coaching. Practice makes perfect; that’s why we encourage you to start coaching as soon as you’re able. Discounts will apply to those who have previously purchased at least one or more of our coaching courses.


Coaches never stop learning; it’s a commitment we make to ourselves, and our clients. That being said, we need an acknowledgement that we have reached a certain level of skill and professionalism. For coaches, that level is EI Certification. In Evolution Institution’s certified coach training programs, we help you refine and master your coaching skills to not only reach EI Certification standards, but to exceed them.

If you’re interested in taking up our rare limited time opportunity to join our up and coming elite league of certified coaches, and becoming one of the next global leaders in coaching. Than please fill in the expression of interest sign-up form below for more details, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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